Richard Rosello, better known by his last name "ROSELLO" - is a Puerto Rican-American musician, rapper, emcee, and recording artist from Cleveland, Ohio.   Rosello embarked on his musical career at a young age.  Growing up on west side of Cleveland has influenced his passion for Hip-Hop.  Unfortunately, there are only a small handful of Puerto Rican Hip-Hop artists with any longevity in their careers and Rosello desires to be counted amongst them. In 2004, he began to express himself with a pen and pad and in that same year Rosello came to Christ and his life was changed. 

As an artist, Rosello brings a dynamic blend of raw lyricism, diverse production and an uncensored view of urban living.  Rosello is the total package showing that not only can he deliver dope “one liners” such as Westside but he can create great music - as evident with the smash hit ElloWorld.  With the exception of production credits from Big Juice, Rosello keeps production and features mostly in house enlisting PTM alumni Fred Council, Jeremiah Beats, Big Cleve, True Story, Uriel The Ace and Shofar to help with the “dirty work” in creating this gritty masterpiece.

In 2010, he met Big Cleve at a concert who then introduced him to Fred Council, founder of Pardon The Movement. Rosello was soon asked join the roster of PTM artists and he gladly accepted. “It was one of the greatest decisions of my life. I want my audience to feel free from any bondage. To know that they can live a real live and though they struggle, they are not forgotten.”

Rosello brings a hybrid performance and a raw, passionate sound in an incredible way!  Whether it's on stage or in the studio rapping, there is much to be excited for what the future holds for this underground artist.