I know what it is that you're thinking: "What is it exactly that you do" and "How is Five Stars any different than everyone else?"
Great questions!  Let's start with the first one.

Five Stars Entertainment is a full service entertainment company.  Rather than calling, emailing, texting and meeting with multiple vendors - we provide the convenience for you at no extra cost!  In fact, our package deals are some of the best around!  There is no variety that's too much or too little that we can't handle.  If we don't have it, we can get it.  Our client's wishes always come first!

So what makes us different?
One of the many factors is we have an entire in-house production company.  We can provide custom Snapchat GeoFilters for you and your guests to use.  Design and print high quality flyers and banners.  We can produce high quality videos to promote or recap your event.  Private party?  By invite only?  The event will be marked in our calendars for our eyes only!  No need to worry about us telling the world about your grandma's 80th birthday party on Washington Street.  However, if your event is open to the public and selling tickets -  we will help promote the show on our website, social media outlets and to everyone within our network so that you will get the maximum amount of exposure for your event/cause.

Here are some other guarantees we can make for your event:

- A written, legally binding contract which ensures reliability for all parties involved
- Commercial-Free set up for Private Events (We won't place big banners with our name/logo all over the place)
- You can submit a "Do Not Play" list
- We keep our music selections up-to-date
- We will arrive early to allow enough time for load-in, set up and prep
- We will be easy to get a hold of!  Have a few ideas or extra questions to ask?  Hit us up!

Five Stars Entertainment will exceed your expectations and will give you the wedding of a lifetime!  Contact us today to receive a quote!


Don't see your type of event listed?  Don't worry!  We've got you covered!  Just let us know what you're wanting to do and we will take care of the rest!


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